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To prepare and E-file your income tax requires that a fantastic deal of personal data be collected and transmitted. The use of IRS E-File has grown substantial in the past few years, surpassing 50% of all tax returns in 2005. At the same time identity theft, and data outsourcing have grown. As such, privacy and security are growing concerns for persons using the Internet to prepare and efile tax returns.

As part of a long and growing line of privacy and security measures, http://www.Taxhead.com, announced today that it remains 100% American owned and operated, and handles all data processing in-house, using its own secure servers.

An executive from Taxhead.com said, “More and more tax preparation services are outsourcing and offshoring aspects of their business processes. They seek to improve their organizational efficiency and reduce expenditure. But we have not seen where this benefits to individual tax filer. Tax software from other companies remains expensive, and often hard to use. For Taxhead.com, privacy and security are of paramount importance. We have developed an operational strategy that allows us to remain fully, 100%, American owned and operated. We do not outsource any of our data handling. Our tax software remains free to use, and we offer one of the lowest price tax eFile services on the market.”

He added, “Taxhead.com seeks to encourage a safe, sane and comfortable environment for our customers. We do not sell, give or barter email addresses or any other information about our customers. We keep our business structure clean and we reckon this shows in our products; our eFile serve remains the simple, quick, secure choice in the tax software and eFile market.”

According to the Centralized Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), “The use of offshore contractors has grown dramatically in the past few years due to the flexibility offered by new information technology (IT) and the prospect of lower expenditure. At the same time, consumers have become more concerned about privacy, and the manipulate of personal data has increased as instances of fraud, such as identity theft, have become commonplace.”

According to MSN.com Money Central,”Tax returns, mortgage applications, even credit-bureau files are among the sensitive financial data that cost-conscious American firms are peacefully shipping overseas. As many as 500,000 U.S. tax returns could be prepared in India next year, says tax outsourcing expert Gary Boomer of Boomer Consulting in Manhattan, Kan … The motivator is simple: Money. Overseas processors often can do the work for a fraction of what it would cost domestically.”

“Persons interested in the highest level of security should deliberate self-preparing their taxes. Tax software, like ours, is available to help people prepare their own tax return easily. In any event, we encourage people to look at the privacy and security policies of any company before choosing an online tax software and eFile service. We work hard to protect our customer's identity, privacy or security.”, said Taxhead.com


It is among the things that we all dislike to reckon about but that all of us need to do. I am talking about pay-roll tax obligations. These are the tax obligations that have to be obtained of each employee’s pay packet as required by the legislation. The government has established this up as a means to take off more money from a workforce pay packet in order to pay for the all-purpose public services that it offers those people. As a tiny business owner you are visiting wish to ensure that you recognize all the policies that you have to use to get this part of the work done.

It takes way too much time to try to go through all the tax obligation legislation that is out there relating to payroll tax. It is far better to just call a tax bill consultant on exactly how you can determine just what you have to do to effectively in order to get staff member pay-roll tax obligations. Consultants are going to cost you a bit of money in order to take the time to provide you this insight, but it will certainly be worth it to get the information that you need. If you make huge errors on the payroll tax returns that you are suppose to be taking out, then you might be smacked with much larger expenditure from the centralized government. Make certain that you are doing this procedure appropriately the very first time.

There are several company owner who are not going to confess that they are not able to map something out. They wish to attempt to do everything that they require in order to run their company by themselves. The issue is that most entrepreneur do not know each point that they should recognize to get the work done. Individuals which have the larger egos are visiting be the ones who are visiting end up not being as thriving as somebody who desires to place their satisfaction aside. Make certain that you are checking into ways that you can get the procedure that you need done in terms of payroll tax obligations.

Efile taxes online


Customer-focused electronic printing technology of industry-leading electronic technology provider ?? EFI business will be held at the Drupa exhibit in Germany (May 29 -6 11, Show No.: C01Hall5) individuals to the printing industry a pool of the most up to date innovation remedies, including the most up to date Fiery shade web server, Witt (VUTEk) and Jetrion electronic inkjet printing systems, PrintMIS venture details administration systems and enhance printing performance and operating profit of the network printing remedy program, the audience will experience these innovative technologies to the printing market bent a leap from conventional to electronic. On top of that, EFI Global Teamwork Companion booth, site visitors will also manage to learn the technological expertise of EFI products.

“We are pleased to drupa site visitors and our companions reveal sturdy development of EFI’s newest technological achievements, and leave you with a brand-new generation of electronic print change. EFI has the most comprehensive on the market today and also can incorporate with each other product line, including sector leading-edge Jetrion and Witt (VUTEk) inkjet printers, breaking 1.5 million devices set up worldwide, the Intense colour web servers as well as especially to increase efficiency and also earnings, supplying a much more direct as well as the cost-print workflow operation options. “EFI Global Chief Executive Officer GuyGecht President stated,” The event could be learnt from the EFI years of continual initiatives to make known electronic printing. individual EFI show visitors will certainly be able to find an exceptionally wide range of remedies to increase productivity reduce prices, At the very same time to conserve time and also obtain a brand-new earnings room as well as new customers. This is exactly what we call ‘customer gain’ (‘printtowin’). “

Fiery Color Web server EFI will certainly exhibit next-generation Intense innovation. EFI’s Intense color web server now has greater than 15 million individuals globally. Intense open system can be incorporated into any type of modern technology ambiance, as well as bring you new opportunities commercial as well as.

On show at the drupa a new generation Fiery shade server, to help clients that the highest effectiveness. While the new Fiery technology will certainly be compatible with AdobePDF Print Engine (APPE), and supports MicrosoftXPS. Fiery as well as APPE integration to boost the capability of existing FieryPDF help. Consumers along with the work procedure in help PDF openness by default, you can also show PDF data on screen color rigorous result. Furthermore, EFI innovation study as well as progress help MicrosoftXPS to promise that consumers can publish MicrosoftVistaOffice files, as well as to enhance the color transparency and also colour duplication. Capability with the data pressed into smaller sized PDF documents, could considerably decrease the prepress handling time, so to lessen network congestion. Ambiance in terms of APPE, or MicrosoftXPS ambiance, all the same high quality shade result.

In addendum to technology progress, the brand-new Fiery colour server, likewise made in the look of significant enhancement, instinctive interface brings a lot more efficient production process Fiery aid clients deal with the difficulties of the greatest efficiency. And a new generation of production color show with EFI Intense server items are FieryCentral, EFI manufacturing workflow, advanced management remedies, based upon MacOS-X’s Sprinkle process remedies, MicroPress, and EFI colour and black and white process option.

VUTEk super-wide layout printers EFI Witt product line offers sophisticated broad layout digital inkjet printers. All EFI Witt (VUTEk) by FieryXFRIP printer vehicle driver, as well as will certainly become the Drupa 2008, a foremost emphasize of EFI show. Drupa audience for copious this will be their very first encounter of super-wide layout printer QS3200r possibilities. The gadget is Witt’s prize-winning QS Pool UV printer the most recent equipment, Roll print, it is the result quality and also performance unmatched by various other items. Witt wide-format inkjet solutions include:

1. EFIVUTE kQS2000 Print layout as it is UV-curing digital inkjet 2m printer, as well as print speeds of as much as 74m2 / h, as well as could sheet and also plate on the HD result 1080dpi publish. QS2000 offers 4-color and 6 color 7 colour photo printing, as well as unique white ink network. For those that want to bring to somebody’s attention electronic UV manufacturing or the change to commercial printing firm, the tool is made logo print and also event show the most suitable access-level equipment.

2. Witt QS3200r It is the EFI

style for the item family’s Roll 3.2 m UV curing digital inkjet printing tools. Manufacturing speed of as much as 172m2 / h. The photo quality is seeking to make use of high-volume on the quantities to change existing tools Solvent Or the identity of UV devices store, show printing shops and business printers, the Witt QS3200r could fully meet their demands.

3. Witt 3360 It is the EFI household

print format to 3m volume of the solvent-based printer paper, and in 4-color, six-color or 8-color mode to solvent-based dye-sublimation printing or gas type print. EFI development of environmentally friendly solvents made from corn Ink BioVuTM likewise place on the device. 3360 printer supplies an access-level gadget configuration, and future business needs according to the client, is entirely updated. This assists users to print a basic as well as constant means to boost brilliant quality, and equipment stability.

APPS (Advanced Expert Printing / Print Solutions)

EFIAPPS MIS System item family members is split into enterprise options, network remedies as well as printing production remedies. For printing / printing service providers, EFIAPPS offer an effective device to improve the print / print result quality, access to accurate colour, and financial expenses of control.

To the EFI stand will be the initial check out of the audience to learn the most up to date ProofingtoGoRIP EFI software program, Colorproof TMeXpres. It is published in the drupa a powerful access level proofing item. HOLE and also with a mix of inkjet printers, ColorproofeXpress can be much more precise proofing, and also outcome intense as well as saturated colour graphic high quality.

ColorproofeXpress aimed at expert designers, creative experts and also small advertising companies, publishing plate centers or completion buyers established. It is simple to make use of, the productivity of brilliant quality, small installment time. At the very same time you could run MacOSX or Windows systems. This is resolved since the final proofing provider clients as well as the election as a result of various os

Efile taxes online


Don’t worry yourself as soon as your assets taxes are on due and may no longer manage to pay. Property and assets tax loans are being accessible to some financial organizations. Loans usually are predestined to help.

Financial loans for residential functions

Once the economy spiraled not too long ago, one of the first items to take a hit was real estate trade. House values plummet are seen by individuals with modern houses in just months. And although there’s a drop in the need for homes, property taxes are not. Regrettably, they even elevated. These types of this fact, those who own homes have chose to deliberate past due property taxes.

Having a property tax loan, home owners can rid on their own of creditor calls and prevent worrying about overdue fees.

Mortgages for Commercial Reasons

In manufacturing estate, there’s also loans for past due property taxes. Manufacturing loans and household loans can be like each other. The only real huge variation they have is the fact that manufacturing loans are greater being that they are more expensive compared to household ones.

Financial loan agents have working out for client aid. So if you are behind on your taxes for that piece of land you passed down from your grandfather otherwise you can’t find tenants to relocate into a commercial area you rent, financial loans may also help. These financing options generally include the cost of the total amount still owed with small cash to give up. This is an brilliant news, since no extra cash is going to be included. And the smaller and much more specific the borrowed funds amount, the quicker you are able to pay it off.

The Style of Organization and Realtor You Should Obtain a Loan from

It really is given that insurance agencies are not the same. With this, loan officers are also not similar. Take a look at the following:

The Loan

• Application Process that is simple

• Loan signing that is private

• Paperwork that may be simple to know

• Loan terms which might be inexpensive

• Thoughts for financing

• Friendly and even very helpful

• Skilled field

Is this Type of Personal Loan For You?

If you’re going to get financing to pay off your unsettled property taxes, it’s better for you to approach financing expert. That person will probably pin point in just a couple of questions the path that perfect fits you. As a substitute for suffering with lender telephone calls or miserable property directors, buy a personal loan to settle previous debts. Go with a loan which has a genial annual percentage rate, and obtain finance with a firm that provides financial help and payment plot that could provide what you need.

If you’re going to avail a affordable- mortgage loan to pay your current previous property and assets fees, depend on Safe Texas Investments. You are going to receive swift, hospitable service coming from competent loan representatives.


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In the wake of the October 10th Time condition entitled “Why We Want—But Can’t Have—Personal Finance in Schools”, Money Mermaid announced three tips to help consumers—young and ancient alike—in developing a solid financial education. These tips revolve around an autodidactic approach to learning, rather than relying upon education institutions such as high school or college. Using these tips, individuals and families can gain a greater understanding of fundamental financial concepts and implement what they have learned to achieve financial health and success.

In the Time condition, Dan Kadlec discussed the barriers facing the society of mandatory financial classes in public schools. These issues are primarily monetary in scenery, resulting from a shortage of teachers and a shortage of curriculum. Because most schools function under the rule of “if it’s tested, it’s taught”, financial classes take a back seat to core classes, and do not receive the funding set aside for mainstream middle and high school curriculum. Despite these very real barriers, many schools are working to implement teacher training seminars and greater awareness of the importance of financial classes to rectify a long-held flaw in the public school system.

Money Mermaid, in light of the gap in public school curriculum regarding finances, encouraged readers to become acquainted with finances independently. They offered these three tips to start learning about finances:

1. Read, read, read. Reading is the key to self-teaching. Drawing from a wealth of authors and backgrounds, start reading about personal finances, and the financial industry as a whole. Doing so will make a comfort with the financial world, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.

2. Practice. After reading, place financial advice and thoughts into practice through budgeting, investing, and saving. This will allow greater insight into finances and how they function through trial and error.

3. Finally, network. Whether this is through meeting with other families or individuals in one’s city, seeking out financial advice or accountability online, or even through a church or social group, take a financial journey with others to increase learning and experience.

Dan Kadlec is a writer for Time. He has been writing financial news and columns following his acquisition of a degree in Communications. His work has been featured on CBS, CNN and the Oprah show.

Money Mermaid announced its list of three tips to developing financial independence through independent means, including reading, putting financial principles into practice, and networking with others keen to learn more about the financial industry. These three steps will help consumers in developing skills and information frequently bypassed in secondary education, including basic financial skills and applications. To learn more about debt restructuring and personal finances, MoneyMermaid.com recommends that people study this site.

About MoneyMermaid.com:

MoneyMermaid.com is an online resource for families and individuals with limited financial experience, ranging from financial news to tricks and tips designed to achieve financial goals.


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Tax day has come and gone. Unless an extension was filed, tax documentation was submitted more than a month ago by most businesses, families and individuals. Now the IRS gets busy. The centralized agency is particularly aggressive in the current recession. Since the economy has struggled, the centralized government has also struggled. Funding centralized programs requires tax revenue. When they economy is not strong, that revenue may fall. This may lead to IRS agents becoming more and more aggressive about pursuing any and all back taxes, interest penalties, and fines.

If you owe back taxes, interest, or fines, the IRS will do all that they can to get the maximum amount possible, says Austin Tax Attorney John McDuff. McDuff has been focused on business and tax law for more than 30 years in Texas. As the season for audits and tax revenue pool gets into full swing, and as the recession continues to linger, McDuff has a few tips for readers facing the IRS.

The first step is to make sure that a file is submitted especially for business owners or corporations. If a return is not filed at all, the IRS may file on behalf of a taxpayer. In their filing, the IRS will seek to collect the leading possible amount. McDuff offers some details on the IRS’s filing process: “These returns, called 6020b’s, are a taxpayer’s worst nightmare. All of the income reported to the IRS, including W-2’s and 1099’s, as well as other reports, are taxed, with no deductions given. The IRS uses the most taxable filing status, and gives no exemption for dependents.” For most taxpayers—but especially business owners—deductions and exemptions are vital.

Problems multiply for business owners who do not file because unnecessarily high tax bills may result due to fines and interest accumulating. The threat of prosecution is also a real possibility. McDuff will file a return for clients even if it is late and will urge the revenue officer to accept the new return in place of the 6020b. Having an attorney to minimize the risk of prosecution is also crucial to success when the IRS is conducting an investigation, McDuff says.

Some of the best protection from paying tax penalties is to review the by now submitted documentation: accountants, tax preparers, and bookkeepers make calculation errors all the time. The least amount due should be verified. “The tax may be overstated, due to your mistakes on your returns, or your accountant’s mistakes,” McDuff asserts. As a Texas tax accountant who has served thousands of clients, McDuff has been thriving in getting the IRS to accept amended returns after errors have been learned.

For many taxpayers, simply filing and reviewing by now submitted forms will be a solution. But even for more complex or challenging tax struggles, there is relief. By turning to an experienced tax law attorney early in the process, many of tax problems can be avoided, McDuff says. But regardless of how deep the problems, how large the tax bill, and how long the tax issue has lingered, a tax lawyer can still offer help.

For many people, McDuff states that a “filing of bankruptcy should be considered. Generally, if the taxes are three years ancient, a bankruptcy will wipe the line up clean” but “filing bankruptcy is a very personal choice, and there are many other considerations in deciding to file one.” Bankruptcy is often the best way to protect one’s assets. If McDuff believes the bankruptcy filing is appropriate after a consultation, clients can seek out a bankruptcy specialist or request a referral.

Filing a return, even if it is late; minimizing the amount of taxes owed; considering filing bankruptcy; these three tips may help during this recession’s tax pool season. But McDuff has other suggestions as well especially when IRS penalties are concerned.

The financial penalties imposed by the IRS can seem overwhelming. Like many Texas tax attorneys, McDuff has successfully helped clients avoid such tax penalties. “It is appropriate to question whether the penalties can be waived by the IRS. While there are many considerations on this issue, ‘reasonable cause’ is the watchword. It is vital to know the case law on this subject, and, on occasion, have the capability to enter a mini-brief.”

If the penalties cannot be waived, the amount owed may be reduced. Rather than accepting the fines and penalties the IRS imposes, “it is best to initiation with an try to get the debt discounted in exchange for a part payment from a source other than you. The right form is the Offer in Compromise. This usually means family or friends, as the source of the payment of a part of the debt.”

McDuff also states that a feasible way forward is to set up a monthly payment plot with the IRS. “With a monthly payment in place, the IRS will stop pool activities such as levies and other measures.” Sometimes the IRS asserts an amount that must be paid each month to remain in excellent standing. For many clients, the monthly payment amount that the IRS suggests is not realistic. A tax attorney may be able to get the amount reduced and McDuff has often gotten these monthly payments reduced to more reasonable levels.

The IRS may be relentless in their pursuit of tax revenue especially during a recession. Many Texas taxpayers—and taxpayers throughout the United States—may benefit from McDuff’s suggestions for dealing with the IRS.


I am sure your quest for taxes has come to an end as you read this condition. Yes, gone are those days when we have to search endlessly for taxes information or other such information like tax estimator, tax refunds, 2007 taxes or even tax calculator. Even without articles such as this, with the Internet all you have to do is log on and use any of the search engines to find the taxes information you need.

How each state determines the amount of the estate tax to be paid depends on how much money you were left and your relationship to the person who has passed away.

If this income exceeds their standard deductions, the tax rate paid should still be lower since their deducted earned income does not push unearned income into a higher tax bracket.

For the employees who are married and filing separately, the smallest income is $3,500 regardless of age. For a head of the family whose age is below 65 years ancient, the smallest income is $11,500 and $12,850 for 65 years ancient and above.

Don’t forget to realize that this condition can take in information related to taxes but can still leave some stones unturned. Head on over to the search engines for more specific taxes information.

The items you hold must be installed during 2009 or 2010, which means the tax credit can be claimed in April 2010 or 2011.

Just when you reckon you’ve paid all of the credit card processing tab fees, software, and equipment as well as business meetings and other normal expenses, tax time comes along and seems to take whatever you have left.

The amount was increased from $7500 to $8000 and $4000 for married filing separately. Second, the regular recapture condition was removed, so this is now truly a tax credit and no repayment is necessary.

For your information, we found that lots of people that were searching for taxes also searched online for tax returns, investments, and even tax return status.


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Which Business Entity Is Right For Me?

Once chose to become involved in a new business venture, how would you know which legal entity is the right for you? The choice of entity would influence many aspects of the life of your business, from taxation to liability limitation and more.

Let’s initiation by reviewing the most common types of entities, available for people doing business in the United States.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a type of business entity which is owned and run by one individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. All profits and all losses accrue to the owner (subject to taxation). All assets of the business are owned by the proprietor and all debts of the business are his debts and he must pay them from his personal assets, meaning that the owner has unlimited liability.

A sole proprietor may do business with a trade name other than his or her legal name. This also allows the proprietor to open a business tab with banking institutions. It is a “sole” proprietorship in the sense that the owner has no partners.

Establishing a sole proprietorship is cheap and relatively uncomplicated. You don’t have to file any papers to set it up – you make a sole proprietorship just by going into business. In other words, if you’ll be the only owner of the business you’re starting; your business will automatically be a sole proprietorship, unless you incorporate it or organize it as an LLC. Of course, you do have to get the same business licenses and permits as any other company that goes into the same business. It is also advised to register a DBA (“Doing Business As”) name with the state for your business.

Advantages of Sole Proprietorship:

* One takes all the profits of the business – no corporative taxes on the profits made,

* No double taxation,

* Simple to initiation up,

* Relatively fewer regulation,

* Full control over the business,

* Simple to discontinue,

* Quick choice process and no opposition when taking a choice.

Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship:

* Unlimited liability – owner of the business is responsible for the business’s debts,

* If business becomes thriving, the risks accompanying the business tend to grow,

* Hard time raising capital – owner has to make up for all the business’s funds,

* Sole proprietor is responsible for his or her own health insurance.


C-Corporation is a type of business entity that is organized under specific provisions of the All-purpose Corporation Law. A Corporation must have corporate officers and bylaws, and must be registered with the State. In addendum, the corporation will be taxed at the State and Centralized level on its earnings.

A corporation offers the protection from personal liability for the owners. This “corporate veil” of protection does not offer protection from liability in the case of fraud, failure to pay taxes, under capitalization of the corporation, or commingling of personal and corporate funds.

Most foremost companies (and many smaller companies) are treated as C-Corporations for Centralized income tax purposes.

Advantages of C-Corporation:

* Limited Liability – owners of the business are not personally responsible for the business’s debts,

* A corporation may qualify as a C-Corporation without watch to any limit on the number of shareholders, foreign or domestic.

Disadvantages of C-Corporation:

* Double taxation – C-Corporations are subject to corporate taxes, therefore making the look of double taxation (first on corporative level, and then on shareholders’ personal level).


Similar to the C-Corporation, S-Corporation offers all the benefits of a corporation, but with a different tax structure. S-Corporations pay no Centralized income tax, but pay state level tax. S-Corporation’s shareholders report the company’s income or losses on their personal tax returns.

Despite the obvious tax benefits, S-Corporation comes with several restrictions. Foremost restrictions are:

* Can’t have more then 100 shareholders,

* All shareholders must be physical entities – or simply place, real persons, not corporations, partnerships, etc (there are few exceptions for non-profits),

* All shareholders must be U.S. citizens or residents,

* Must have only one class of stock.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

LLC combines the limited liability protection of a corporation (hence the name) with the flexibility and pass through taxation of a partnership/sole proprietorship. Like the shareholders of a corporation, the owners (members) of an LLC are not personally responsible for the debts or liabilities of the LLC.

The LLC has no limitations on who may be involved, and it can be managed by its members or by managers. It is often more flexible than a corporation and it is well-suited for companies with a single owner.

Advantages of LLC:

* Limited Liability – owners of the business are not personally responsible for the business’s debts,

* No double taxation,

* No limits on number of members.

Disadvantages of LLC:

* Usually more expensive to form and/or renew.

So Which Type of Entity Is Right For Me?

The answer to this question depends strictly on your specific needs and circumstances. We always recommend our clients to discuss those specifics with a professional CPA or business attorney, but, it is equally vital to educate yourself prior to scheduling appointments. After all, it is your business.


If you have unfiled tax returns for this year or several years, it is vital that you deal with this with some urgency. The following are tax tips that can help make the process simpler:

The first reckon to know is that filing tax overdue tax returns with the IRS and Franchise Tax Board for California is a situation that can be resolved

If you have any taxes due once the returns are filed, that is a different matter which also can be resolved with the help of a tax attorney or CPA

You dont want to ignore this as the IRS has substantial powers to seize your assets and even commence criminal proceedings against you

If you dont file on time you will be subject to large penaltiesso the sooner you get your house in order the better

If you lose your job and apply to unemployment benefits, you could be ineligible

You will be restricted in arranging financing for a home, car or student tuition if your returns are in arrears. Banks have tightened credit and will question for tax returns to verify your income. Failure to file tax returns would be a red flag to a financial society.

The IRS and Franchise Tax Board have sophisticated computer systems to indentify tax evaders. Once you are in their cross hairs they are relentless in going after you.

The objective would be to get your overdue tax returns prepared and filed as promptly as possible. This will greatly help your case that you are a law abiding citizen and not a tax evader. Not filing a tax return is a criminal offense.

If you continue to avoid filing, the IRS and Franchise Tax Board have the right to guess at your income and file a return for you. Once this substitute return is filed and you have tax owing, the tax agencies can commence aggressive pool actionseven if the return is practically incorrect.

So the solution is get your back returns filed. Who knows, you could even have a refund due but you only have three years to file or your refund is lost.

Once the returns have been filed, a tax attorney or CPA can help you with dealing with the IRS and/or Franchise Tax Board regarding any taxes due. There are programs available to make installments or even reduce tax liabilities.

John Spurgeon is a tax attorney in Pasadena, California servicing clients in the greater Los Angeles area. John Spurgeon & Friends, who are both tax attorneys and CPAs, offer a complimentary initial consultation. Please call 626-440-9518.

About John Spurgeon & Friends

John Spurgeon & Friends is a professional services firm located in Pasadena, California with a focus on tax law and related accounting services. They have extensive experience with centralized and state income taxes, payroll taxes and sales taxes. They represent business, non-profits and individuals against the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board (California State Taxes). As both tax attorneys and Certified Public Accountants they offer a broad range of tax related services.